Rajé is the passion at the heart of every story, it is the powerful regal grace of history  and the fearless beauty of self-expression. Rajé is the exhilaration at the core of theatre, it flickers with the vivid adornment of art. It is the urgent pulse of contemporary vibrancy moving against the refined sophistication of vintage charm. Rajé rages with the shared story of humanity yet gives each individual the voice and the chance to be heard. Rajé  is sexually charged, exuberant and enticing. Rajé knows no boundaries. Rajé is the fluid grace of a dancer, meshed against the strength of the human form. It combines the majesty of nature with the grit and substance of urban life. Rajé is courage, Rajé is becoming the person who you were always destined to be, Rajé is the most beguiling slant of reality. Rajé resounds with its own heartbeat. Rajé is more than an accessory, Rajé is life.

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